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Doing more with less has been a hallmark of my administration. Just months after taking office, I was asked to cut our budget like never before...Read More


The single biggest chunk of the sheriff's budget comes from the 10,000-inmate Cook County Jail. The largest jail in the nation, it's also historically been the single biggest source of headaches for sheriffs for decades...Read More



When I took office in 2006, there were 18,000 people evicted from their homes in Cook County due to foreclosures. Last year, that number soared to more than 43,000...Read More


When police officers in south suburban Ford Heights stopped showing up for work in April 2007, the crime-ridden village suddenly became the responsibility of the sheriff's department...Read More

After becoming sheriff and learning more about the operations of our police department's vice unit, a disturbing trend became clear: young women and even teenage girls were entering a life of prostitution thanks to the internet...Read More


Since becoming sheriff, I can honestly say there are few things more heartbreaking than listening to the tears of a parent who has lost a child. Even worse is a parent who has no answers into the death of that child...Read More



One of the first things I noticed after becoming sheriff was how our vice unit seemingly kept arresting some of the same women during their prostitution stings...Read More


One of the first initatives I took on as sheriff was the seedy world of dogfighting. In 2007, I created the county's first Animal Crimes Unit and asked those police officers to focus on all kinds of animal abuse, but with a specific focus on the scourge of dogfighting...Read More


The nationwide foreclosure crisis was simply one part of larger financial troubles seen everywhere...Read More



In May 2009, our office was asked to take over an Alsip investigation into a report of employee theft from a cemetery...Read More


It's fair to say I'm as amused as anyone by shows like "World's Dumbest Criminals" but I always wondered if criminals are as dumb as they're portrayed on those shows. Indeed, I found, they are - by the thousands...Read More

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