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Show Your Support for Tom Dart

Years ago, we set out on a journey together to change people's perceptions of how government works. Through hard work and determination, we have taken tremendous steps toward doing just that. Now, I'm asking for your help to continue the journey.

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Support Tom Dart at community events or contact us to inquire about event opportunities. From meetings and speaking engagements to area events and parades, Tom Dart is actively engaged with the community.

Live Twitter Town Hall
Mental Health and Preventing Violence

Cook County Sheriff Thomas J. Dart
(@TomDart) (#AskDart)
Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin
(@RichardRBoykin) (#AskBoykin)

Monday, June 19th, 2017
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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About Tom Dart
Since just 2006, as Cook County Sheriff, Tom Dart has brought an aggressive yet innovative approach to law enforcement. His willingness to take bold steps that yield substantive results have earned the department accolades from organizations and elected officials from across the nation and from the halls of Congress.  About Tom »

Volunteer to Help
Join us in a wide range of opportunities that contribute to the community by donating a few hours of your time, and reach out to friends, family and co-workers to help build our volunteer pool to accomplish even more throughout Cook County and Illinois.  Volunteer »

Provide valuable resources and financial contributions to help increase awareness of Tom Dart's ongoing initiatives as a leader for Cook County and Illinois.  Contribute »

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Upcoming Events
52nd Annual General Von Steuben Parade
Saturday, Sep 09
Women for Dart Luncheon
Tuesday, Oct 17